How can i interact with posts on the reel with voice note?

Postreel Inc.
Last Updated: 6 months ago

1- Tap the interaction button (such as a comment or reply button) on the post you want to engage with.

2- In the text area where you would typically type your message, you will find a microphone icon.

3- Tap and hold the microphone icon continuously to start recording your voice note.

4- While holding the microphone icon, speak your message or comment.

5- Once you are done recording, release the microphone icon to stop the recording.

6- You will have the option to listen to your voice note before sending it.

7- If you are satisfied with the voice note, tap the "Send" button to post it as your interaction on the post.

By utilizing the voice note feature on Postreel, you can add a personal touch to your interactions by leaving voice messages instead of typing. This feature allows for more expressive and engaging conversations within the app.

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