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The glossary includes vocabulary and terminology used in Postreel.

# / Hashtag

A hashtag symbol ( # ) immediately precedes relevant keywords in your Post to categorize and improve your Post’s visibility in the Live Reel Search.

When you click or tap on a hashtag, you’ll see other Active users current and history posts containing the same keyword or topic.


The @ sign is used to find usernames in the search bar

Account deactivation

Deactivation is when you temporarily disable your Postreel account.  Know that you can reactivate your account if you decide to later

Account deletion 

Deleting your account means relinquishing your account, including your username, connections, and posts. Once you delete your account, You cannot reactivate it after the specific grace period.

Account Reactivation 

Reactivating your account means getting back your previous account, including your username, connections, and posts. 

Account Settings

The Account Settings page, you can modify the default settings for your account, as well as change your account information, including safe search, twitter integration, and blocking/unblocking features.


Your bio is a short personal description of yourself that appears in your profile.


A blocked account is an account that will not be able to follow you, view your profile, or any of your posts while you’re using Postreel. Similarly, you will be unable to see the blocked account’s information and posts as well. 


An internal error in our site code and functionality. We find and fix them all the time (nobody's perfect). If you see one, point it out to  by sending us an email.


Call is a feature on Postreel Messenger, allowing users to engage in one-on-one audio and video calls. 

Chat button (Messenger)

The Chat button provides an instant, and easy way to connect you through Postreel Messenger with accounts you may be interested in.


Your connections are your Friends, your Followers, and those you are Following

Connections Reel

The Connections Reel is where you’ll find the live and history posts of your friends, those you follow and following you. 

Country Reel 

A Country Reel is a result of you customizing your Live Reel by selecting one or more countries. Your live posts will appear on the Global Reel and ‘Your Country Reel’, which is based on the location entered in your profile under “country” and your IP address. 


Subscribing to a Postreel account is called “following.” To start following a particular user, click the Follow icon in that user’s post. When a user goes offline, you may not be able to find that user again. Following a person that interests you allows you to find that person again on the platform, and you will be notified once that person has posted something on the Live Reel. You will be able to find and chat with any user you follow whenever that user is live again. Anyone on Postreel can follow or unfollow anyone else at any time, with the exception of blocked accounts. See "block."


A follow is the result of someone following your Postreel account.  A follower is another Postreel account that has followed you to be able to view your live and history posts in their following reel.


When you are ‘following’ another account on Postreel, you will be able to view that account’s live and history posts in your following reel.


When you follow a user and that user follows you back, you become friends. 

Geo Filter

You can use the Geographic filter to access and search different Country Reels 

Go live

The ‘Go live’ button allows you to publish a new post on the Live Reel


Gaining unauthorized access to an account via phishing, password guessing, or session stealing. Usually this is followed by unauthorized use of the account.

History Post

Your History Posts are all your previous posts, and will appear on your profile, and can be viewed by your friends, followers, and those you are following on their Connections Reel. Other Postreel users can also view your history posts on your profile.


Where you find a reel of all the live posts from all over the world.


Online impersonation (pretending to be someone you're not) that is intended to deceive is prohibited under Postreel Rules . Parody accounts are allowed.

Live Post

A Live Post is a message published to Postreel’s Live Reel.  It may contain photos, videos, links, and up to 250 characters of text. Each user can have only one Live Post at a time – the moment you post again your “Live Post” will become a “History Post”. 

Live Reel

The Live Reel is where you can view all current live real-time posts by live users based on the geographic location you set. This can include posts by anyone who is live, whether you follow them or not. You can customize your Live Reel by selecting one or more countries or search it using keywords or hashtags of your interests. 

A Live Trend is a hashtag determined almost instantly by counting the number of the most used hashtags on Postreel’s Live Reel at that moment. You can choose to tailor instant trends based on countries.

Live user

A Live User is a user who has logged into Postreel, has a published Post, and continues to interact with others on Postreel.


Your location is where you currently reside. It, along with your IP address, will determine which Country Reel your live posts will appear in. 

Mark as unsafe 

All posts are considered safe by default. However, if you are posting sensitive content, it should be marked as unsafe. Please refer to Postreel rules  for more details.


Messages can be sent to your friends on Postreel Messenger, and are similar to private email messages. They appear in your Postreel Messenger Chat and can include text messages, pictures, and videos.

Mobile App.

Postreel’s mobile application tailored to fit Android and iOS mobile devices.

Mute user 

Temporary ignoring messages from a selected user in Postreel messenger 


you will receive an immediate notification when you receive new messages from other users, and when they decide follow you. You can also be notified once someone you follow posts on the Live Reel. 


You can create parody accounts on Postreel to joke or make fun of something, as well as commentary and fan accounts. These accounts must disclose that they are parody, fan or commentary accounts in order to comply with our strict policy against impersonation. Refer to our Terms of Service and Postreel Rules for details. 


Tricking a user to give up their username and password. This can happen by sending the user to fake sign-in page, or could be done by means of social engineering.

Postreel Messenger 

Postreel Messenger is an instant Messenger service that allows users who are live at that very moment to engage with one another. You can use Postreel Messenger to send messages to anyone on the Reel, exchange photos, videos and conduct audio and video calls. 


Your profile displays information you choose to share publicly, such as your biography, picture, connections, all your posts, and other information, such as your country, city, birthday and gender. You can hide your connections and hide your year of your birth by editing your profile. 

Profile photo 

A profile photo is the image you choose to represent your Postreel account in its interaction across the platform. It will be displayed as an avatar next to your account name on posts, comments and in chat. 

Relationship Matrix 

The Relationship Matrix shows you how you are able to interact with another user, in terms of initiating audio or video chat, viewing the user’s history posts, viewing chat history, and receiving notifications.


Is a reuse of a history posts, making them Live Posts on the Reel once again. When you republish a post, the post’s timestamp and its order in the posts timeline will be modified.

A search bar is where you enter keywords, or hashtags of interests to search the live posts and history posts of live users.   You can also search for specific users using the search bar. 


Refers to a variety of prohibited behaviors that violate the Postreel Rules.  Spam can be generally described as unsolicited, repeated actions that negatively impact other accounts. 

Suspended accounts 

Suspended account are accounts prohibited from using Postreel because they broke Postreel Rules or violates Postreel’s Terms of Service. 


The date and time a Post was posted on the Live Reel. A Post timestamp can be found displayed in any history post.


See follow .


A URL (Uniform Resource Locator) is a web address that points to a unique page on the internet.


A username is how you're identified on Postreel.


A process whereby a Postreel account receives a verification icon to indicate that it is a legitimate account. Verified accounts include public figures, businesses and those who may have experienced identity confusion on Postreel. Postreel’s verification is tied to Twitter verified users.

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